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Torekzzak (Clan member Application)

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Torekzzak (Clan member Application) Empty Torekzzak (Clan member Application)

Post by Guest Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:33 am

Name: Vincent

Member most played with: Well, its pretty diverse, and there's a lot of randoms. It depends who needs help the most times, so I can say I played a lot with member BurnEm on Warframe, to teach him how the game works and such.

In Game Name: Torekzzak

Steam username: CTRL+ALT+DELicious (Its a shared account between me and my girlfriend.)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Location: Québec, Canada

Hobbies/Job: Hobby: Playing videogames, Job: Artist

Humor: I make a lot of shitty puns that can be clever, I make a lot of jokes, but if its not the time, I know when to be serious and to shut up.

Willing To Donate In Future: Most likely, even though my job at the moment isn't really rewarding enough

Other Comments Which May Help Your Application: I'm used to social interactions and I have a good sense of empathy and sympathy. I have experience in clans, guild, groups, etc. I don't look for trouble, I just want to have fun with people, enjoy videogames, and help people around me.


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